• Schmidt, R.; Strodick, S.; Zabel, A.; Biermann, D.; Walther, F.
    Influence of the process parameters and forces on the bore sub-surface zone in BTA deep-hole drilling of AISI 4140 and AISI 304 L
    5th CIRP International Conference on Conference on Surface Integrity (CSI), 1-5.6.2020, Web conference
  • Strodick, S.; Schmidt, R.; Zabel, A.; Biermann, D.; Walther, F.
    Micro-magnetic assessment of functional properties in the sub-surface zone of deep drilled AISI 4140 and 304L steels
    MSE 2020, Materials Science and Engineering, 22-25.09.2020 , Web conference
  • Saelzer, J.; Zabel,A.; Biermann, D.
    Reibungscharakterisierung und -modellierung in Abhängigkeit der Spanflächentopografie
    CENIT Simulation User Day - DEFORM Machining Workshop, 03.03.2020, Stuttgart
  • Biermann, D.; Zabel, A.; Schmidt, R.; Iovkov, I.
    Control of surface integrity in BTA deep hole drilling
    Technical Presentation in STC "C". CIRP Winter Meeting, 20.02.2020, Paris